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Sports Injuries

Whether you are a weekend athlete or a professional, there are things that all athletes have in common. They want to have the best possible performance, and they both can get injured.

Athletes may ask why they get injured. They stretch out, and feel like they are in pretty good shape.  So, why?  In most cases athletes play too hard, play too long, or play too fast.

In the case of household duties such as spring cleaning, do any of us warm up before carrying those boxes into attic? This may not seem like a sports injury, but in fact, overuse syndromes or playing full speed before we are really warmed up are the major causes of sports injuries. Simple household chores, while done cold, can mimic a sports injury to some extent. 

Chiropractic offers a balanced approach to the treatment and the healing of sports injuries.

Chiropractic adjustment are used to:

•Remove nerve interference

•Reduce inflammation

•Improve circulation

•Return spinal segments to their normal mobility

•Help the supportive tissues (muscles, tendons, & ligaments)

•Help the injured areas return to normal function.

Combined with some rest to help the healing process, athletes will find their way back on in their sport.  Afterward, better strategies for exercise and stretching will be discussed with the athlete to help them stay on the straight and narrow path to better enjoyment of their chosen sport.